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Hey, I'm Rhys! I've struggled with mental illnesses such as Tourette's Syndrome and OCD since I was around five years old. It started with smaller tics like blinking and nose scrunching and began to metamorphose into more severe symptoms like neck jerking, shoulder twitching, and vocal obtrusions. Several years later, OCD symptoms began to arise, even further complicating my issues and interfering with daily life.


I began to lose hope for my health after trying several medications, acupuncture, cranial therapies, fish oil detoxes, and anything I could find on the Internet. But I found therapy, and it changed my life. Not only was it an outlet for me to express my suppressed thoughts in a safe space, but I learned valuable coping strategies to manage my symptoms. These therapy sessions, however, are extremely inaccessible and incredibly costly for so many people who deal with Tic Disorders/OCD on a daily basis. My dream with Mindful Coping is to be able to help others start their wellness journey, provide valuable, free resources to learn and practice healthy coping methods, and share mental and physical strategies to alleviate symptoms.


Anyone who suffers from mental illness is fully aware of the unpredictable and sinusoidal nature of these conditions. At times, you'll feel unfazed and finally feel as if your life is on the trajectory to normality. But you'll soon be slammed with a relapse of symptoms, sometimes even more severe than before. That's why it's so crucial to consistently practice coping mechanisms or habit reversal techniques that can be used in any scenario; often, when you reach new low, it's too late.

On Mindful Coping, you can learn about the cognitive and behavioral strategies I have personally used to combat my urges in a healthy, sustainable matter. I sincerely hope this blog can help you find comfort and confidence in beginning your own journey to acceptance and satisfaction at any pace.


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